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If you're here then you are obviously curious about our guild or are looking to join... and that is a very good thing! Here at Bloodmoon we strive to be fun and friendly and very welcoming. While we are looking for higher level players at the moment, we are open to active lower level players who are willing to play and level up along with us.

A requirement of this guild, as with any other, is Guild Resources (GR). They are the best and quickest way of getting the guild noticed and of attaining higher levels. We would like to be the best! Though we are willing to settle for just being a very good guild full of very good players.

Another requirement, along with the obvious ones of being active and committed to the guild, is to be vocal. We like it when our guild-mates speak with us. We'd rather have people in this guild who want to be here for all the right reasons, not someone who just wants a guild name above their head. We're wanting people who can talk to us over Guild Chat. Friendly people who will help the lower level players with dungeon runs or quests. If you are such a person then this guild could well be perfect for you!

Guilds we do NOT PvP. Anyone found PvPing these guilds will be removed from Bloodmoon:

Guild News

The power of Bloodmoon

Delmegar, Oct 7, 11 9:10 AM.
Bloodmoon, we are now growing stronger by the day. While our numbers for the most part, remain the same. We have been more efficient about doing Guild Resource and contribution. With that said, we are over 600 contribution toward level 3 and we will grow by next week's end, I am sure.

That said, it is now time to focus more on members. Some members have proven themselves to be invaluable to the growth of Bloodmoon. Sadly, not everyone has the same work ethic, myself being the latter. Even so, we must now work harder to spot those who are simply in the guild to have the name of Bloodmoon, and those are unflinchingly loyal and recruit more.

More members means more contribution, more friends to raid with, bath with, deliver with, etc. Get strong members! PArty with strangers! Check to see if you are tied with guild, how high a position they are. Get them to join Bloodmoon! One day, we will be strong enough to take out Mythical!



HealerHawkwind, Oct 6, 11 8:17 PM.
We now have an alliance with PinoyFinest and Sentinel anyone found attacking either guild will immediately be removed from this guild. (The delivery quest event and Sengolia do not count as they are battlegrounds and it is a free-for-all! Just keep it friendly and don't hunt or harass.)

Facebook meets Bloodmoon

Delmegar, Sep 27, 11 5:28 PM.
Created a Facebook Page called Bloodmoon Guild. Ask to join.

New In October

HealerHawkwind, Sep 25, 11 4:24 PM.
1) PvE servers
2) Non-EST servers (with PST rolling out first)
3) In-game server-time clock
4) New clothing in the item shop!
5) Brand new guild events
6) Achievements system
7) Halloween events!
8) Improved tutorial
9) Increased level cap (level 80)
10) Southern Wetlands, The Void continents unlocked
11) Killers Den, Psychodelica dungeons unlocked
12) Item shop changes
14) Increased dungeon drops
15) VIP system
16) Much.. much.. more..
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Recruiting levels 30 and above. Priority given to healers and mages and those willing to do dunegon runs. GR is a MUST.
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